CBD Lip Balm: What Does Hemp Lip Balm Do

CBD Lip Balm: What Does Hemp Lip Balm Do - karavie

As the demand for CBD-infused beauty products increases, innovations continue to come up. One such change is the CBD lip balm.

Before such innovations, the only available option was placing CBD droplets directly into the mouth. But now, products like CBD chapsticks make it possible to target a specific area of interest. Is the CBD lip balm for you? Find out more below.

What is CBD Lip Balm

CBD Lip Balm by Karavie

Lip balms are applied regularly to help keep people's lips moisturized. Cracking lips are attributed to the lips' thin and highly sensitive skin exposure to external weather conditions. To avoid this, people use lip balm regularly.

CBD lip balm has a practical purpose. Why should you use it? In addition, to help get rid of chapped lips, they keep the lips moisturize your lips and make you look younger. How does it work? Well, it's simple. When you apply the lip balm, you target the endocannabinoid receptors found on your lips. They comprise of another natural ingredient, including essential oil, cocoa butter, which protect and enhance your lips' health.

NOTE: there is a difference between a CBD lip balm and hemp lip balm. One (the CBD lip balm) will offer more health benefits than the other.

Can hemp lip balm get you high?

Hemp-derived CBD comes with no THC or less than 0.3% per day unit. This means, no matter how much you lick lips with hemp lip balm, you will not get high.

NOTE: Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD, though it is high in antioxidants (omega-3 and 6).

Benefits of using CBD Lip Balm

CBD lip balm is a form of medical marijuana, which is extracted from Cannabis sativa. If you know the benefits of medical marijuana, you are not far off from decyphering the benefits of CBD lip balms.

So what does CBD lip balm do? It keeps your lips healthy

CBD lip balm benefits can be categorized into two:

  1. Protective benefits
  2. Alleviation benefits

1. Protective Benefits

Our skins have several oil glands that produce natural oils. However, lips are devoid of any oil glands. This is the reason why our lips are not naturally hydrated and moist. CBD lip balms help you avoid chapped lips and keeps them hydrated. It prevents your lips from drying as fast as they would have you not used it.

2. Alleviation Benefits

Benefits of using CBD Lip Balm

The CBD in these lip balms improves your skin's health by keeping conditions such as eczema and acne at bay. You also become more comfortable in your skin since it reduces redness, swollen areas, or itchiness.

These conditions not only make people uncomfortable; at times, they affect their self-esteem.

Since CBD has anti-inflammatory compounds, it is recommended for people with joint disorders, migraines, arthritis, and migraines.

Also, the antioxidants (omega 3 and 6) present in CBD will help repair the damage attributed to excessive sun exposure. These and other nutrients found in CBD lip balm like Vitamin E, D, A, and B keep lips healthy.

Some lip balms are made specifically to treat or cure specific conditions, say a CBD lip balm for anxiety.

What does hemp lip balm do?

Karavie Lip Balm Full Spectrum Wild Cherry
Karavie Lip Balm Full Spectrum Wild Cherry

Hemp lip balm offers the same protective benefits as its CBD counterpart including;

  • Keeping lips moisturized
  • Soothe sore lips
  • reduce inflammation
  • repair sun-damaged lips

However, it does not offer all alleviation reliefs that CBD lip balm does. If all you need is to make your pucker appear fuller, you can use hemp lip gloss.

How to choose the best CBD lip balm

The first step of getting the best CBD lip balm is identifying a reputable manufacturer. CBD products are not cheap, and no one wants to use an expensive rip-off. Do your research, and go through some customer reviews before you purchase

Different chapsticks and lip balms have different elements of cannabinoids. This brings us to the second step; choosing a suitable concentration of CBD. The more the CBD concentrate, the more the benefits you derive.

Finally, match the concentrate with a preferred taste. Some manufacturers will offer their products with different flavor options. But if you do not have a flavor preference, you will have plenty of CBD chapsticks to chose from.


It would help if you tried CBD lip balm. Don't go looking for a chapstick that gets you high, because you may not find one. Buy one to reap its benefits, and you will never look back. This doesn't mean that you have to ditch your other lip balms. Just make at least one of your lip balms a CBD-infused variety.

These lip balms, except for the fact that they have CBD, are the same as other lip balms. Just that regular lip balms cannot offer the same benefits as they do.