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CBD Topicals Vs. Oils

There are numerous ways to reap the benefits of CBD oil. Some people prefer pure oils or gummies, consumed orally. These send cannabinoids throughout your entire body. Others prefer more precise, local applications, especially on sore muscles or problem areas. Topicals work best in this case. How you consume CBD is ultimately up to you. It depends on your taste and specific need. Do you want general, body-wide effects? Or the relief of cannabinoids in targeted areas? For the former, try an oral CBD like our pure oils or gummies. For the latter, topicals are the best answer. Topicals also double as invigorating skin creams. A rich blend of natural oils and botanicals soothe and moisturize. Added menthol and magnesium provide cooling relief.

Choosing a CBD Topical

No two CBD topicals are the same. The primary difference lies in the quality of the cannabidiol itself. Because of the popularity of CBD in the market, not all products should be trusted. Some products use low-grade oils that are not naturally grown, safely harvested or purified correctly. You should not trust a product that was not third-party tested. Although cheaper products do usually reflect cheaper quality, a higher price does not always indicate a premium product. Our organic hemp grows in Evergreen, Colorado, 139 miles east of the White River National Forest. These fields are sun-drenched and lush, with pine-covered mountains in the backdrop. Careful farmers harvest the stalks and transport them to a local facility. Plants undergo lab-grade refinement to extract the purest cannabidiol oil. It’s purified, filtered, and tested. Every single batch. Also, pay attention to CBD concentrations. Topicals should generally have between 500 to 600mg. Less than that and the effect is diluted. More than that is usually unnecessary. We recommend only full-spectrum CBD for topicals. These contain additional cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that provide a powerful synergy — the “entourage effect.” Isolate oils, which only contain cannabidiol, tend to be less effective.

Your Endocannabinoid System

CBD has been used for thousands of years to provide relief. How does it all work? CBD topicals use your body’s natural endocannabinoid system. This is a network of nerves that runs throughout your central and peripheral nervous system. There are nerve endings in your brain, spine, and skin. It is responsible for many things, including immune response, cell communication, memory, and pain responses. You have two kinds of cannabinoid receptors in your body — CB1 and CB2. The first of these receptors, CB1, is in your brain and spinal cord. CB2 receptors, by contrast, lie in your outer extremities like your skin. Topical CBD cream targets these receptors. The cannabinoids in CBD oil are not the same as those you make in your body. But they’re similar enough that your body reacts in the same way. In this way, these topicals “hacks” your natural system and tell it to activate its normal responses.

How To Use CBD Topical

  • Apply the topical directly to your skin. Massage gently until it absorbs. Within minutes you should feel the cannabidiol oil working, but sometimes it takes longer.
  • Start with a small amount, just to be safe. After waiting a few minutes, apply a little more until you feel the desired effect. You can use it at any time and every day. Most people prefer to use it in the morning and at night. After use, store topicals in a cool, dark place.

Karavie Guarantee

All of our topicals are organic, locally sourced, and manufactured in the USA. Our CBD oil is of lab-grade quality and third party-verified. This gives you peace of mind knowing that our product comes from a trustworthy source.
We use no GMOs and never test on animals.


Apply the topical to whatever area you want to target. You will feel the cannabinoids most strongly in that area, with some smaller widespread effects. If you are using our Athletic Pain Relief Rub, expect a cool, soothing sensation. This comes from the menthol and aloe vera, which have some mild pain-relieving properties.
No, these products will not make you high. THC is the molecule that makes you high. And while all CBD products contain trace amounts of THC (< 0.3%) and are therefore not THC free, you won’t feel any psychoactive effects. The concentration is simply too small.
No, our product is not intended for treating chronic pain or joint pains. We encourage you to read the comments under our product for ideas about how others use it. Consult your doctor for more information on CBD for pain relief.
This product is NOT designed to treat or cure arthritis or any other medical condition, including cancer and neuropathy, nor is it an anti-inflammatory.
Use topical CBD for the targeted application of cannabinoids. See how others choose to use it in our comments.
Start with a small amount in any problem area. Apply more gradually until you feel the effect. With CBD topicals, a little goes a long way.
CBD oil does not have any major known side effects. All of the ingredients in our topicals are shown to be very safe and non-irritable. A small number of people may experience minor irritation in their skin and some drowsiness. Always consult your doctor first.
Yes, CBD pain relief products that contain < 0.3% THC are legal in the United States. But some states have different laws. Always check your local rules and regulations.