How to find the Best CBD Dosage for Pain Relief

How to find the Best CBD Dosage for Pain Relief - karavie

Does CBD treat pain effectively? Yes, it does. Clinical trials were performed on the effectiveness of CBD oil to relieve conditions affecting the human body such as anxiety disorders, arthritis pain, joint pain, foot pain, stomach pain, and the results were astonishing. And this led to an influx of these products, including hemp oil, in the market, and now people direct their focus on finding the best CBD for pain.

The next logical question is, what is the recommended CBD dosage for pain? But here's the point, there is no straight answer to this question. The recommended dosage of CBD for gout pain is similar to CBD for foot pain.

How effective is CBD for pain? What are the available forms of CBD for pain? How much CBD should I take for pain? How long does CBD last for pain? Read on for these and more answers.

Hemp vs. CBD for pain

Does CBD help with pain more than Hemp oil? We already mentioned that the correlation between CBD and pain management saw several CBD products enter the market, including hemp oil.

Although both CBD and hemp oil has medicinal value, they differ in terms of their uses. Hemp oil is preferred for its nutritional benefits due to its healthy fats and mineral content. CBD oil is sought for its health benefits, including relief from pain and its anti-inflammatory qualities.

CBD vs. THC for pain

THC, CBD all come from cannabis. But THC activates different cannabinoid receptors in our bodies, including one in the nerve cells, which reduces the sensation of pain. Plus, the high that one gets from THC affects how one experiences pain; in short, it offers mental relief.

CBD used for pain also activates cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. But as opposed to THC, which offers mental relief, CBD pain control is physical. No wonder we use CBD for muscle pain and not THC. Now, you may ask how many mg of CBD for pain relief do I need? It depends on several factors, including the severity of the condition.

Work With An Expert

Everyone is different. The amount that's ideal for me may not work for you. How well each dosage works varies. You should start CBD under the guidance of a medical cannabis expert. Questions like "does CBD really help with pains I am experiencing at the moment?" If yes, "how many mg of CBD for pain do I require?" These are questions only an expert can answer.

As you progress, you get an idea of what dosage of CBD for severe pain you may be experiencing works for you and won't need to visit the specialist continually. However, if you were using CBD to ease sciatica pain and then start experiencing an upset stomach, you should still seek expert advice. Why, because a CBD stomach pain dosage may be more or less than what you needed to calm the sciatic nerve pain you were experiencing.

CBD For Chronic Pain

There are no products that are specifically created to treat specific conditions. You never see labels on CBD products indicating that this is the best 'CBD for anxiety and pain'.

That's why it is advisable to go for a full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum products are the best CBD for pain and inflammation because they contain all the cannabinoids occurring naturally in the cannabis plant and provide relief to pain felt in the nervous systems . Here is how CBD helps with chronic pain.

CBD and neuropathic pain

CBD inhibits neuropathic pain, which is one of the most challenging types of chronic pain to treat. Also, you can use CBD for post-op pain. You decided to get knee replacement surgery after the pain in your knees becomes excessive. No need to worry, you can use CBD for knee pain you may be experiencing, and it also helps with the healing process while undergoing physical therapy.

CBD for chronic back pain

Will CBD help with back pain? Finding relief for chronic back pain is exhausting, expensive, and can be harmful. CBD for lower back pain with its anti-inflammatory properties helps reduce the reliance on opiate medications(which treat back pains) that have adverse and harmful side effects. The effective CBD for back pains is creaming. CBD salve for back pain treats a specific area of the body where the pain is originating from.

CBD and Cancer Pain

Is CBD good for pain relief during cancer treatment? Yes, However, the way people feel and experience pain during cancer treatment vary. And this means that CBD for cancer pain dosage will also vary. But generally, cancer will cause inflammation, nerve injury, or pressure on internal organs, causing severe pain, which can be resistant to opioids making CBD the best pain reliever during treatment and subsistence of the condition.

CBD and nerve pain

Does CBD help nerve pain? The research revealed that CBD does help provide immediate relief for NCBD for the malevolent issue of nerve pain. The cannabidiol pinpoints the source of the pain and reacts to the body's natural endocannabinoid system to reduce the body's inflammatory response to internal stimuli.

It reduces the pain and provokes the body to reduce the stress caused by inflammation. Is CBD good for nerve pain when taken as a tincture? Yes! When tinctures are held in the mouth, the effects are noticeable almost immediately and are very helpful in reducing discomfort caused by nerve pain.

CBD and arthritis pain

Is CBD good for arthritis pain? Over 60 million adults and 400,000 children have been diagnosed with arthritis in the United States. Studies conducted to affirm the CBD arthritis pain relief powers, as they showed that it decreases joint inflammation and served as a nerve protectant. The best CBD strain for arthritis pain should have high THC content. Why? Because it is the high THC content that provided pain relief for arthritis.

CBD and scoliosis pain

Over seven million people in the United States suffer from congenital, idiopathic, or neuromuscular scoliosis. People who suffer from scoliosis get NSAIDs prescribed for them. These drugs, however, have several side effects, including stomach ulcers, stomach pain and heartburn, headaches and dizziness, and ringing in the ears, among others. To avoid this, people now use CBD because it performs the same functions, only better and with no adverse side effects.

Important CBD Pain Dosage Considerations

How much CBD for pain do I need? To get the CBD benefits for pain, you need to find the right amount for you. And to do this, you have to put several factors into perspective including;

  • Your body weight
  • The condition you’retreating
  • The concentration of CBD in the products you settle for.

Parting Shot

Can CBD make pain worse? No! The reason why the pain is subsisting is that you haven't yet found the right dose. Consult a specialist if you notice this. And as we started by pointing out, it's better to start using CBD with guidance from a certified practitioner.

Several companies are producing CBD products. Look into the labeling to get a clear understanding of the product you want to buy. You cannot buy CBD to treat chronic pain and do not know if it has undergone third-party testing. And also know your products.

In addition to CBD oil, we also have CBD tincture. Which is the best CBD tincture for pain? Do you know how to use CBD tincture for pain? Do not just buy a CBD product, research on it first. For more information, read our informative pieces.