Crafted to perfection, 30 full-spectrum 25mg / dose gummies harness the power of organic hemp in a deliciously playful form.

Indulge in the medley of organic fruit extracts, including pineapple, blue raspberry, and blackberry, as you embark on a self-care ritual that encourages moments of calm and supports both mind and body.

With discreet portability, convenient dosage, and a taste that will delight your senses, these gummies may just become your new daily ally.


Our Commitment to Purity -
At our core, we are dedicated to sourcing only the finest organic ingredients to create gummies that embody pure perfection. Every bite is a testament to our unwavering commitment to purity, made possible by the infusion of premium organic hemp cultivated by trusted farmers who share our values of sustainability and eco-conscious practices.

Vegan-Friendly Delights -
We take pride in offering gummies that align with vegan standards, ensuring they are entirely free from any animal-derived ingredients. With our gummies, you can enjoy the indulgence without compromising your values. Rest assured that our stringent vegan standards are met, delivering a guilt-free and truly satisfying experience that caters to your ethical lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Marcia Pendl
Calming & Delicious Gummies!

Excellent! I love my Karavie CBD gummies. They are delicious and help to calm.

Kristina Grimm
Love the gummies!

I started taking the gummies a few weeks ago and I’m about to order for a monthly subscription. I feel more relaxed and not so on edge from stress or caffeine. Super easy to take and add to daily routine.

Timothy Desmond, Jr

favorable had cut in half first week but now ok

Best CBD Gummies!

These are the best CBD Gummies i've tasted- not only do they taste great they work so well!
My wife loves how easy they are to take, they come in a 30 count jar- perfect for our monthly subscription.

Robert D.
Couldn’t be happier with my

Couldn’t be happier with my gummies! I read a few of the reviews and thought taking them at night as a way to wind-down was exactly what I needed. I noticed the results right away. Added bonuses I didn’t expect: being limited in my workouts has led to strain on my knee and shoulders (I’ve seen improvements since adding gummies to my nightly routine). I also wanted to point out how thorough the instructions were. I also found the packaging that came with gummies to be VERY informative as well.
Will be re-ordering. 100% recommend.

USDA Organic

Recyclable Packaging